We offer two services: test prep tutoring for all ages, and classes in French, Spanish or Italian as a foreign language for adults.

The Language Salons are designed to serve the adult learner, ages 18 and above. A number of levels from complete beginners to advanced (plus special class options) can accommodate long-term study, prepare students for overseas travel, and train pupils to interact in foreign language business environments. No matter what your level, we offer:

  • French, Spanish or Italian culture as part of the curriculum;
  • Grammar presented within conversation, not separately.  Instead of boring drills and teaching “the past tense,” we demonstrate how to speak in the past tense;
  • Small, supportive classes where teachers are trained to make the process enjoyable;
  • An emphasis on conversation. From the start, we encourage students to speak in full sentences;
  • An environment designed to build confidence;
  • Techniques for helping you think and converse in a French, Spanish or Italian-only environment;
  • Practical words and real-life settings;
  • Easy, memory-reinforcing templates;
  • Language Salon visual cues and aids;
  • Methods to help you learn the nuances of pronunciation;
  • Teachers who are trained to recognize learning styles.

The Language Salons private tutors are well-qualified to help you (or your child) prepare for tests, and build your French, Spanish or Italian subject area grade point average. Our tutors know how to coach different learning styles, and that is why we get results.


We know that students thrive when they’re comfortable, they’re placed at the right level, and they get personal attention. So that’s why Language Salon classes are small and interactive. Our curriculum blends Thibaut’s work with children and his time-tested method for helping students become conversant. Thibaut’s method puts students’ at ease, while stimulating and challenging them with real-life, relevant sample conversations. From the beginning students are encouraged, but never pressured, to practice articulating their new language and perfecting their pronunciation under the guidance of native-speaking teachers. And there are no tests. We trust that you’ve come to learn.

Guarantee - If, after attending the full 2 hours of every class in a 10-week adult session, you're not satisfied with your progress, you may repeat the full 10-weeks (of the same level) free of charge. This does not apply to the advanced level.

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